• Can The Male Body Have Too Much Estrogen?

    Can the male body have too much estrogen? Yes! You see, right inside your fat cells, lives an enzyme called aromatase. The main duty of this substance is to take the testosterone that is in your blood stream and turn it into estrogen. When a male begins to put on weight in all the incorrect places, suffers from prostate enlargement, has mood swings, experiences testicle shrinkage, loses his sex drive, and develops breasts…There is a problem! Men, just because you are aging doesn’t mean you should turn into a sixty year old woman! If this is happening to you, you are producing way too much estrogen! This is not how man was supposed to end up! Unfortunately, many men in this time in history eat too much estrogenic foods, live a sedentary life, and do not protect themselves from exposure to many chemicals. So what do chemicals have to do with estrogen? Xenoestrogens are foreign estrogens. They are estrogen mimickers that effect the estrogen in our bodies and can alter hormone activity. Growing evidence implicates xenoestrogens in a wide range of human and wildlife health problems.

    There are some 70,000 registered chemicals having hormonal effects, in addition to being toxic and carcinogenic. The synergistic effects of exposure are well documented, but largely unknown. These substances can increase the estrogen load in the body over time and are difficult to detoxify through the liver.

    Here are some symptoms to look for if you suspect too much estrogen in your body.

    * Weak Erections

    * Testicular Atrophy

    * Low Libido

    * Enlarged breasts

    * Pear shaped body

    * Loss of muscle mass

    * Enlarged & Painful Nipples

    Man with too much estrogen

    Excessive estrogen also causes numerous health problems in men..


    * Hormonal cancers

    * Coronary atherosclerosis

    * Stroke

    * Lethal blood clots

    * Peripheral artery disease

    * Heart Attack


    You are not going to look like this right away, but with the correct diet, and exercising, along with the right visualization techniques…You will be on your way!  You will definitely feel sooo much better!

    So now, what can you do about it? You need get back into harmony with nature. What does that mean? It means you need to consume testosterone promoting foods, reduce your chemical exposure, and start exercising to get rid of the aromatase soaked fat cells! Do not eat carbs and fats together! Reduce you over all sugar load to your diet. You need to eat enough proteins, fats, and vegetables. Stay away from soy products, meat that has been raised with added hormones, and milk with added hormones.



    Plus, if you do nothing at all..Your chances of looking like this are pretty high.  Why not take care of yourself.  Take your life back!  Feel good, and have a wonderful sex life!





    Some supplements that may help to reduce estrogen, and strengthen testosterone production in the body are:

    Maca  (Mmmm… Maca)

    Eleuthero ( Siberian Ginseng )

    Nettle Root

    Vitamin E


    A good multiple vitamin for men

    Here are a couple of sites you might want to look at:




    Or if you like a lot of meat~


    Always check with your doctor before taking any herbs or vitamins to see if the interact with any medication.

    Have a great day and remember to eat right, exercise, and love others! Namaste, Kathleen

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  1. […] The last thing I wanted to touch on is this. Women our men need to feel our desire for them.  I know you are busy with work, kids, and maybe school.  These things can be worked out.  The first thing is you recognizing his need to feel desired.  Do you? Do you feel this way for him?  If not, you need to find out why. It could be that you are just tired.  Women tend to put too much on their plates.  You might have to stop doing as much as you are doing.  Learn to say the magical word that will bring you freedom…No~  Maybe your hormones are off, a good possibility if you understand how much estrogen we take in daily just from pollutions. (xenoestogens) That could be part of your problem with not desiring him in another way.  When men have too much estrogen in the body, the start looking pregnant.  Oh boy… not a turn on for the female brain. If you look pregnant, we want to take care of you, make sure you are getting enough to eat, not working to hard, etc…We do not want to be made to love to by a pregnant woman!  If your man is in that condition, here is one place to get you started getting him out of condition~  http://roadtofreedom.us/2011/01/can-the-male-body-have-too-much-estrogen/ […]

  2. Kevin OToole says:

    I have had a hormone imbalance in my body since June 2012. I have felt so sick, not myself for so long I even went to Mayo in Rochester Minnisota. I am a 55 year old male. I finally went to an Endocrinologist. I had low testosterone levels, and something to do with estrogen that has had my body in such an imbalance I thought I was dying.I have had pituitary scans in the brain, scans of my adrenal glands checking for adrenal tumors. Men out there it is caused Andrpause like women’s menopause. Drs just don’t know as much about andropause in men quite yet.Get ready if you suffer terrible sweating , soaking your hair and shirt. Then your so cold your skin feels like ice. So you get under blankets to get warm and you fatigue out and want to sleep, sometimes 4 to 5 hours straight,and it’s hard to wake up. It can cause chronic fatigue syndrome. Get checked if you have gained belly fat, over weight, no energy, no interest, depressed, not interested in sex.Physical activity cann make it start, it can trigger high blood pressure, make you angry, effect the way your pancreas works . Your pancreas still produces insulin but doesn’t distribute it thru your blood properly, so then you will be put on Metformin that will help you maintain blood sugar and diet will help you lose weight. Watch carbs and white sugar.

  3. Dan says:

    I am a male, just 66, my breast started getting bigger after my lamictol was increased caused os my sezyres from a stroke a few years ago, my Nuro said he never heard of this, also ny hair is falling out, he never heard of eather, forgive my spelling it is from my srroke, Dan

  4. mike says:

    I am 76-almost over night my breasts have gotten bigger-my weight is the same.My testosterone reading recently was 267–is that low?What can I o about this.

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Mike, I would certainly ask your doctor about your test results. The chart I look at gives a man of 76 yrs a total normal testosterone count of 471. Hopefully you can ask your doctor for a copy of your tests and discuss treatment. Thank you for reading and replying.

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