• Michaelangelo, Meet the Dawn

    unfinished sculpture by Michael Angelo Some say Atlas others Slave

    We are all lovely works in progress.  We will never be done. How depressing that would be!  No more learning? No more change?  No, we need to get to where we Love the Journey.  We are eternal Beings.  We will forever be experiencing, growing and changing.  Our spirits want to understand life in all of its complexities.  We not only ask for, but long for more adventures in gaining enlightenment to all the intricacies of our senses.  To live as sensual Beings brings feelings of wonder and delight, and quenches the need we have to comprehend the many facets of living in the flesh, so as to amplify our energy and light.  Thus now, here we are again.  A good place to start would be by honoring ourselves for where we are right now.  We have gone through so much already haven’t we?  Just take a look back and see and appreciate what you have lived through and survived… Please, just take a minute and honor yourself for being a survivor.  You did it!  You made it to the here and now!

    We come to this earth like a beautiful, freshly honed, piece of marble.   The Romans considered marble to be the Stone of Light.  We are of the Light.  We nurture within each and every one of us an exquisite, luminous, and eternal Force.  But just as the marble will just stay a piece of beautiful stone if left untouched…so shall we remain in our current state.  Each experience we live through, everything we see, feel, taste, hear, and smell will leave an imprint.  Ahh, but here is the secret…We are not like the sculptor and the marble in one very important way.  We exist as both at the same time.  We are the Michael Angelo of our own experience here.

    When we are very young, it is easy for others to come and make a mark upon our new, fresh, alabaster stone.  We have no guards up to stop it at that time.  It is when we are older and wiser that we come to understand, WE are the artisan of our own life!  We can polish and chisel away at what we do not want left to mar our service.  We can learn to take this marble in our own hands and forge it into a creation of beauty.  Ahh Power!

    Just as the artist’s work begins with a selection of the stone for carving, so we were carefully selected from the energies in the expanse to take physical form.  We have always existed, but now we have gained enough potential to exist in the mortal state.  Now comes the time for our meeting. Our consultation, if you will, on the master work we would like to accomplish at this time, in this earth school.   Surrounded by those who love us, and want the best for us, Divine Entities, Mentors, and Attendants, we plan our prevailing episodes that will help us to attain encounters for the advancement of our Spirit.

    Michelangelo claimed that his job was to free the human form trapped inside the block.  So to it is our job to learn all we can from the obstacles we have selected to bring the luster and beauty of our Spirit, our true self, to the surface.  Marble also has the advantage that when first quarried it is relatively soft and easy to work, refine, and polish.   Just as when we were children, we were soft and impressionable.  This in itself is a wonder to behold, to watch a baby learn and grow to become a beautiful child.  This time of learning is also an unprotected time for our subconscious.  Some of the sensory experiences, by that I mean what has been able to leave an ‘impression’ on the child, will need to be chiseled, and reshaped with a rasp at another time.   Then, just as marble ages it becomes harder and more durable.  So too do we become harder in our belief systems.  This does not mean we cannot make a change in our creation.  Just as the carver usually begins by knocking off, or “pitching”, large portions of unwanted stone, we need to start to chip away at what is not enhancing the beauty of our Being.

    Light shining through marble statue

    The carver places the point of the chisel or the edge of the pitching tool against a selected part of the stone, and then swings the mallet at it with a controlled stroke.  When the mallet connects to the tool, energy is transferred along the tool, shattering the stone.  As we work to shape our education here on earth, we too need a transfer of energy to help us along the way to our transformation.  It is important to note here that we are never alone.  Each one of us is surrounded daily by those who love us and are ready to send help and support when needed.  The greatest energy and source of all life, all creation, is the energy of Love.  A sculptor uses tools for his trade such as a mallet, a saw-toothed chisel, a rasp, Emery stone and sand paper.   He would not ever expect to be able to create a work of art without the correct tools.  So also we need to use correct tools at our disposal to create our own life masterpiece.  There are many for us to choose from;  Prayer, Meditation, Life Coach Counseling, EFT (Tapping), Rapid Eye Therapy, etc…We need to use the wonderful tool of education to understand the best ways to take care of these amazing human vessels we have been blessed with to use and house our Spirit while in this school.   Our bodies need to be in the best of condition for us to be able to remain here, experience our senses, and last the length of time needed to accomplish our Divine Plan.  We will go through pain here.  That is all part of the experiences we want to learn from. But that does not mean we need to suffer relentlessly.

    So, you have this beautiful life project that stands before you.  What tool will you take out first?  Well number one, I would say to you, you must decide what it is you would like accomplish.  The sculptor does not look at the marble and think for a minute that he can work on the nose and eyes at the same time.  You need to pick one thing you would like to transform and gain knowledge about.  If you are not sure where to start, I would counsel you to choose whatever is bringing the greatest amount of pain first.  Please do not excuse your pain away, and believe it is not important.   If it hurts you in any way, it matters! Another thing you can look at are patterns.  Are you repeating painful patterns over and over again?  Usually this is something that has been recorded on your subconscious mind.  I would refer you at this time to read my article http://roadtofreedom.us/2011/02/whos-life-are-you-living/ to understand how the subconscious mind works.

    Please understand that we are all, and always will be, works in progress.  There is no race. You do not need to hurry.  You can learn to relax into the process of creation.   You are surrounded by Love and will have the help needed to accomplish your metamorphosis.  The important thing to remember is to never give up. Never stop learning.  You matter!  You are worth this undertaking!  You, in fact, are a Being of infinite worth!  Oh that you could see the beauty, the masterpiece you really are.  The Dawn of your transformation stands before you. All the masters combined could never create a piece of art more intricately exquisite as you.  Now your job sculptor is to uncover the light that resides within.

    Michael Angelo's Dawn

    Michael Angelo’s Dawn

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are in adequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    ~ Nelson Mandella

    “We need less posturing and more genuine charisma. Charisma was originally a religious term, meaning “of the spirit” or “inspired.” It’s about letting our Goddesses’s light shine through us.  It’s about a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects. To let go, to just love, is not to fade into the wallpaper. Quite the contrary, it’s when we truly become bright. We’re letting our own light shine.”

    ~Marianne Williamson

    “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

    ~Benjamin Franklin

    You are Love. You are Light~ Kat

    Blessings My Friends~ Kat

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